Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"There's daggers in men's smiles..."

Scarf-Dotti . Top-CottonOn . Skirt-MyerMissShop . Cardi-CottonOn . Tights-ForeverNew . Belt-ValleyGirl . Shoes-Billabong . Necklace-Diva

What a depressing title! I didn't mean for it to be depressing, but I'm doing an essay on Macbeth and that is one of my favourite lines. Although I do not enjoy writing stupid, pointless essays on ancient, melodramatic literature, I do like the language Shakespeare uses. Well, some of it. Quite a lot just doesn't make sense, but then you get those perfectly constructed lines of pure poetry that just click and they just make me smiiiile :) I love those moments. However! Writing a stupid freaking essay just tends to ruin it all.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeed <-- that's what my cat just wrote!! Haha, she's so annoying, she's jumping up on the desk while I'm doing my homework and meowing ever so loudly! She sued to belong to a lady a few doors down from us who was partially deaf. Now, she just meows extra loudly, I guess because she's in the habit. She's very adorable, but really, shut up.

You may have noticed, I haven't blogged in roughly a bazillion years (about 2 weeks). It started off as simply not having any interesting outfits to post. Fair enough. But then I began to wonder if this whole idea was a little... up myself? Like my style is so amazing everyone should see it. I would like to be quite clear that I do not feel that way at all. I was talking to one of my friends about it and she put it perfectly: it's a creative outlet! I don't know why it didn't click for me before, but that is exactly what this is for me! I like the way I dress to reflect my personality. To be a little unique. I don't want everyone else to run out and buy my clothes and copy my style because I don't think my look is the answer to all the world's problems. It doesn't suit everyone. I like it. You don't have to. But I do get sick of coming up with what I feel are amazing outfits (for me) and not having anyone to show them to or anywhere to even wear them! This combined wiht my recent obsession with reading other people's style blogs made me realise that this was something I had to at least try. And while I know I'm being slack with uploading outfit pictures, it is something I'm enjoying.

This first outfit is what I wore about a week ago (oh the shame) to a family dinner at my grandma's house, as my uncle was over from Sydney!

Top-CottonOn . Cardi-CottonOn . Jeans-ValleyGirl . Scarf-OpShop . Shoes-SportsGirl . Headband-SportsGirl . Purse-Rubi

This second outfit I wore down to the supermarket, to buy some giant chocolate chips for my famous chocolate chip cookies (which I neglected to take a photo of), where I ran into an old friend. Don't you just love that?! Also, isn't that purse just adorable!! I've been looking for a cute granny purse like this for a while and I was so excited to find one for just $7! This outfit was super comfy (ha) so I wore a variation of it to small group, before changing into my 'formal' oufit for my youth's Where's Wally event. Basically, some of the youth leaders dresses up and wandered around in Rundle Mall, and groups of youth kids had to find them and collect a sticker for proof. To mix things up, my friends and I were 'decoys', hence the formal dress. Apologies for the lack of decent photos, but at least they weren't taken in my room, so there's a bit of variation! Also, don't wask why I'm kissing the pig. Just... don't.

Jess, Laura, Lauren, Me.

Dress-ValleyGirl . Cardi-CottonOn . Tights-CottonOn . Belt-ValleyGirl . Wedges-Rubi . Headband-DIY . Flats-Rubi

Sorry for the mega long post, but I do feel I had a lot to catch up on! I promise to be more organised from now on!

Love you!
Steph xox

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  1. oh, i love your top outfit! the white tights suit you so well. i'd like a pair but i think i would look silly, hehe.

    love, jazzabelle. x


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